I want to share that the decor on Saturday night was fabulous – exactly what we had in mind. We heard tons of positive feedback on the centerpieces and the bleachers. None of those could have happened without you and your creative staff. Oh and the t-shirts were great! Especially the special one for our son – Laura’s graphics were great! … Much of the night is a blur for me but I know I had fun as did my guests! We could not have asked for anything more. -Beth P.

Thank you for everything. I thought it came together so so well and I got so many compliments on how the theme and everything was so tied together. You have a great team and you do a spectacular job. Thank you for making the night so wonderful.
-Heidi G.

Dear Melissa,
Thank you so much for planning my party. I had the best time. It was the best party of the year! From, Matt

Melissa Miller did an awersome job for us again! She was very patient & organized & took the vision in my head and helped make it a reality… even better! I appreciate her dedication & hard work, meeting with everyone else to coordinate so well!
-Jodi M.