Corporate Events

We can help you plan, market, staff and manage every detail for your corporate meetings, special events, holiday parties, benefits, galas, auctions, carnivals and much more.
  • Design and print necessary collateral including flyers, invitations, posters, signage and banners to promote the events.
  • Work with all vendors to book, coordinate and help negotiate every detail including entertainment, food, floor plans, agendas, lighting, d├ęcor, flowers, rental items, photography/videography, permits and much more.
  • We can help you find the perfect venue for your event.
  • Design and print programs, meeting materials, power point presentations, multimedia presentations and much more.
  • Sponsorship solicitation and negotiation.
  • Event setup, cleanup and staffing.
  • Complete outdoor setup solutions from tents to remote, on-site electrical configurations.
  • Theme development, seating cards, nametags, centerpieces.
  • Specialty items with your logo.
  • Public relations and full service event marketing.